It's a Wild Ride
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Graffiti Racing is proud to partner with Team Challenge Salt Lake City to help raise funds for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please do so upon registration.


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Spectator Information

Duel at The Point

The race is on between cyclists and runners! Graffiti Racing presents Duel at The Point, a chance for runners and cyclists to square off against one another in a spectator friendly event with a combination of trail and road racing. 

Race date and place

Race Date:      October 6st

Start Time:     8:00 am

Location:        Andy Ballard Equestrian Park


Registration:   $50.00  Registration will be limited to 50 runners and 50 cyclists and includes a t-shirt.  Discount registration is available at participating retailers.

Graffiti Racing is proud to partner with Team Challenge and their efforts to fight Crohn's and Colitis. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, you may do so upon registration.

If you are affiliated with a club, team, or high school team please indicate on registration. The team or club with the highest number of entrants will earn a $300 grant from Graffiti Racing.


Course Information

The Race is on,  there will be 50 winners and 50 losers, Cyclist or Runners who will it be?  Runners and cyclists will face off in a Duel for 1 year bragging rights on who is the faster athlete.  The course has been developed so that runners and cyclist will cross the finish line in about 1 hour.   Each course is 2 loops consisting of both trail and road segments.   The runners’ course is approximately 10k total for both loops (5k per loop), and the cyclists’ course is approximately 15k  (7.5k per loop). For maps of the course click on the course pictures. A note to cyclists: cross bikes and road bikes will not be allowed on the course, mountain bikes only.

Spectators, BRING YOUR WHISTLES AND BELLS!  This will be a high energy event with spectator zones will established  to give family, friends, and community the opportunity to actively support The Duel. Noise makers and chalk will be provided (while supplies last), to help create an energetic and electric environment for racers.  Chalk artists will be at the finish line displaying their talents too.  We encourage both racers and fans alike to attend and share in this classic showdown between the grace and elegance of the runner and the grit and technology of the cyclist.

Race details


The Dual at The Point will feature a time trial start format with one runner and one cyclist leaving together every 20 seconds until all athletes have left the start area. Faster athlete pairs will start first with slower predicted pairs starting last.


On the race registration athletes will be asked to estimate their current times and estimated abilities for the given distances.  Runners and cyclists will be paired together according to their predicted times.  If you are unsure of your current times, contact the race director and we will help determine your starting position.  Starting pairs will be announced, and posted the week before the race.


All athletes will be assigned a start time; you must start at your assigned time.  Failure to be at the start for your start time will result in you starting at the end of the line.  Your time will still be assessed at your assigned start time.

All athletes’ individual times will be posted at the finish along with cumulative times for both divisions (cycling and running)


There are two divisions Running and Cycling. 
This is a "Team" event.  All cyclists are competing against all runners and vice versa.  


50 winners will be awarded a winning metal and bragging rights for a year. Loser walk away with nothing (everyone will receive a participation T-shirt).
The Duel Cup and a $300 donation will be presented to the winning division CLUB with the most participants. 

In addition to the Duel Cup, awards will be given to the best overall cyclist and runner.