It's a Wild Ride
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Race Safety video from 2012 Here!  

The Point Adventure Race

The Point Adventure race is returning June 2013. The Point Adventure Race is a multi-sport endurance event using mountain bikes, running/trekking, paddling, and navigation using a map and compass to attain check points. The Point will be a multi-city race using urban and wilderness trails to travel a course covering approximately 40-100 miles in a 4-24 hour period. Graffiti Racing will give participants a "Mt. Everest" sense of accomplishment by challenging participants to think "Out-of-Bounds" of the typical endurance race.

Course Information
All Race information and details will be posted and updated once the final course has been approved. Registration will be open in the fall.

A frequently asked question for new adventure racers is: "Where is the course going to be?"

The course will not be disclosed until race day. The course is not disclosed because there is not one exact course to follow and determining the course as you race is an element to adventure racing. Navigation is a fun component to adventure racing, so teams will be required to plot Check Points on a topographical map and develop the best strategy to attain the check points.

This is how teams will determine the course:

1. Teams will check-in on race day at provided location. This location will be posted on the website and emailed to registered teams 1 week prior to the event.  At check-in, teams will receive course information including the following:
  • The race passport and rule book explaining the course and rules in detail
  • a topographical map of the race course
  • locations of the Check Points (CP's) in UTM format.  Teams will required to plot CP's on the topp map.  To learn how to plot UTM coordinates , Graffiti Racing suggests you attend the Adventure Racing 101 clinics at the Sports Mall. Clinic times and dates are posted in the training and clinic sections.  If you cannot attend a clinic watch the following clip:
2. Teams will then analyse the plotted course and determine the best path to attain Check Points, following rules posted in the rule book. This course analyses is what really separates adventure racing from other endurance events.

3. Teams will then organize their gear and make any necessary gear drops at provided locations and then return to the starting line

On Your Mark, Get Set Go

Race Information
  • Date - June 2013
  • Race Start Time
    • Adventure TBD
    • Sprint and Sport TBD 
  • Start Line Verification
    • Adventure TBD
    • Sprint and Sport TBD
  • Location/Venue
    • South Jordan Utah - Starting line information will be posted and emailed on June 24th.
  • Divisions
    • Solo Male/Female
    • 2 Person Coed/Open
    • 3 Person Coed/Open
    • Relay - Up to 9 People - Coed/Open
    • Corporate - 3 Person Coed/Open